ZOOM - a more personal experience

ZOOM – a more personal way of taking part of JFA

How to participate

Our ZOOM content is produced by Thomas and Madelene at RangeMaker. To facilitate your presence, they have recorded instructional videos (in Swedish) that describe the functions of the ZOOM app on a computer or mobile. It is also possible to call our ZOOM helpdesk at +46(0)855430217


Our five thematic concerts

In addition to the curated YouTube broadcasts, the festival’s five thematic concerts will be broadcast over ZOOM to increase the audience’s presence.

During the concert you get the opportunity to get closer to our musicians. Each music stand has a camera and you can choose who you want to ZOOM in.

During the break, it is possible to meet other participants in conversations. Our ZOOM hosts help you find a pleasant conversation group.

After the concert, Camilla Lundberg and selected artists will be available at ZOOM to answer questions and tell more about their thoughts on the music and the thematic program.

Links to the concerts:

(O)naturliga variationer

Med ryggen mot framtiden

Vive la revolution

Teknikens under


Humatar walks

Take the chance to follow behind the scenes at JFA 2020. Our selected Humatars guide you around the festival area and show unexpected aspects of the festival. The Humatar walkings are organized four times during the festival period:

18 July 15.00 – Thomas de Ming (ZOOM-producer)

20 July 15.00 – Pauline Claise (producer for JFA summer academy)

22 July 15.00 – Florian Erpelding (volunteer and cellist)

24 July 15.00 – Camilla Lundberg (broadcast host)

Clock on the names above or in the event calendar to get to the Zoom-link.